Presidents Message

Brothers and Sisters,

As fall approaches we are all reminded that a season of change is coming upon us. The Pennsylvania State Police is no different in that aspect as we are beginning to see a lot of changes with retirements and the replacing of supervisors and command staffs throughout our Department. As of this writing our Department has approximately 500 vacancies from our enlisted ranks. There is no doubt that numerous members will be retiring in the near future and if you are one of those members, congratulations to you and your families. To those of us still working I know we worry about cadet classes and the filling of those vacancies. I think it is important that you know that the PSTA and the Department Command Staff have had numerous conversations about his issue. The Governor’s office has also been engaged in conversations about this issue. The Department is looking into expanding both the size and the number of upcoming cadet classes. The Governor’s office has committed to the Department that they are supportive of helping to ease this period of retirements.

I know I have received many inquiries about our contract negotiation issues. The Association has met internally about the contract which expires at the end of June 2017. Conversations will happen with the Commonwealth in the future and you will be updated. At this point there have not been any conversations. Why? It’s simply not time yet. Don’t read anything into this, and there are no rumors to dispel because no conversations have occurred.

As always stay safe and watch out for each other.


Joseph R. Kovel


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